Culture in the upper Drautal

Following the Romans ...


Only about 25 minutes away from us you can visit the ruins of the Roman settlement Aguntum. The wide open area (30,000 m² excavation area) and the adjacent museum show the exciting history of the Noricum people of Laiancer, the province of Noricum and the municipality of Claudium Aguntum.


Lavantaler Kirchbichl

As early as the 3rd century A. D., Lavant, which is only 2 km away, was more heavily settled, as the high altitude offered strategic advantages in defence. Today, for example, a medieval gate, various Roman houses and an early Christian bishop's church can be visited in the Lavantaler Kirchbichl. At the foot of the church you will find the "Aufbahrungshalle", a small museum.


Excavations at Burgbichl

The strategic advantages of defence can also be seen at the Burgbichl, which is situated at an altitude of more than 700 m above sea level on the southern side of the Drava river, almost opposite Bergh am BERG. The excavations at Burgbichl began in 2016 and the 1.5 m high stone wall, a work site, foundations of an early Christian church as well as numerous remains of wall plastering leave hope for even more.

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Aguntum - Following the Romans

Culinary Delights @ Bergh am BERG

you are what you eat ...

Culinary Delights at the Leppen

for gourments ...

Ochsnerhütte (1.830m)

From mid-June to mid-September the Ochsnerhütte is open and offers wonderful products. Some of the Leppner cows spend their summer holidays on the alpine pastures and provide the basis for delicious butter, creamy curds, fresh buttermilk or spicy cheese.

Slow Food Village Irschen

The small nature and herb village of Irschen has been specialising in herbs and medicinal plants for almost 30 years. Wild and garden herbs are carefully processed by hand into delicious and healing products. This history has led to Irschen being named one of the world's first Slow Food Villages.


Activity @ Bergh am BERG